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22 Jan

Piping connections vary from industry to industry, when choosing the right connection your application, pressure, temperature and media being monitored must be considered. Pipe flanges come in a variety of connection methods weld neck, threaded, slip-on, lap joint, socket weld or blind fitting. To add to the confusion bolt hole patterns vary from one country to another with standards such as ANSI, AS, DIN, & JIS, they also come in different classes 150#, 300#, 400#, 600# just to name a few.    

Wafer style (flange) connections are a common place in the oil and gas, municipalities, and utilities for there ease in installation and removal when servicing. Our wafer style flow meters are designed to fit inside of the bolt hole pattern in a variety of flange configuration around the world such as ANSI, DIN, AS & JIS they are available in 150# and 300# class. Material of construction Bronze, 316 SST and Monel suitable for measuring water, oil and most low viscosity liquids which do not deposit out. They are also suitable for measuring compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and any other non-toxic compressed gases. 

Wafer style (flange) sizes ranging from 1/2" to 8", threaded connections in NPT and BSP as well as solder connection in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3" and flow rate for liquids from 2 gpm (15 l/h) to 3000 gpm (12,000 l/m) and gases ranging from 40 SCFH (1Nm3/hr) to 20,000 SCFM (600Nm3/hr). 

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