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Differential pressure flow meters developed for industrial applications calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM, LPM, etc.). RCM Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing direct reading differential pressure flow meters, flow switches, flow transmitters and digital display flow meter for over 45 years. The flow meter measures flow based on a pressure differential across a calibrated flow nozzle. The flow meters are suitable for measuring liquids, gases, ammonia and saturated steam up to 120 psig, pipe sizes ranging from 1/4" to 8" pipe, NPT, BSP, Solder and Wafer Style connection constructed of Bronze, Stainless Steel or Monel. Liquid flow meters calibrated for viscosity or specific gravity and gas flow meters include gas type, pressure, temperature and specific gravity marked on the dial for easy viewing at a glance. 



Application / Information

Orifice Plates - Basic principle of a orifice plate flow meter

Orifice plates designs, applications, advantages and disadvantages

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Beverage industry - Carbo Cooler

Flow meters used in the beverage industry on carbo-cooler equipment

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Differential Pressure Standing the Test of Time

Head type flow meters how they work using a flow nozzle

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New Design, New Features Same Great Service! Explore RCM Industries New Website

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Saturated Steam Flow Meters

Rugged all metal construction saturated steam differential pressure flow meters.

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3-Connection Styles to Choose From

Wafer Style Flange Connection 8000 Series

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Improving flow measurement in sea water application

Increasing demand for clean fresh water in California.

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Improving Plant Operation with Modbus Communication

Digital Display Flow Meters Rate and Total w/Modbus RS485

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Custom OEM Flow Meters

Latex Modified Concrete - Accurate Control of Water Flow and Latex Emulsion

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Flow Switches for Equipment Protection and Automation

All flow switches provide maintenance free design and low installation cost

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Reducing compressed air loss

RCM flow meters are the preferred choice when monitoring compressor operation and air utilization.

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