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Flow Meters Applications

Ethanol Plants

Ethanol Plants America's top automobile manufacturers approve, and even recommend, fuel enriched with up to 10% ethanol and hybrids designed to run on E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline) which is the cleanest burning renewable fuel today. RCM Industries is proud to be a part of the effort to clean up the environment in providing flow measurement products in the production of ethanol. RCM flow meters monitor seal water, ethanol, water / alcohol mixture and fusel oil keeping production processes on line and on time.

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Ethanol Plant Flow Meters

Radars, TV & Satellite Systems

RCM flow meters monitor critical flow measurements of 50/50 ethylene glycol or propylene glycol and distilled water for liquid cooled TV transmitters. Our flow meters are able be fitted with reed switches to protect equipment against low and high flow conditions. This technique ensures a direct correlation between the flow rate indicator and the flow switch for ease in configuring a safety interlock or control circuit. These switches are hermetically sealed and epoxy potted for a tamper resistant switch.

Transmission System Flow Meters

Pre-Conditioned Air Handling Units

Our flow meters are also used on water cooled chillers used in the Laser, Industrial, Scientific and Semiconductor industry to control various processes. Chillers provide advanced thermal management solutions in various processess Jetway Air handling units provide cool air flow during pre-flight and loading of aircraft at all major airports dramatically reducing fuel and operating cost.

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Airport Jetway Flow Meters

Petroleum Industry

RCM Industries, Inc. has been providing rugged flow meters for a variety of industrial processes such as blending, bearing cooling, boiler fuel oil feed, coking, refining process and compressed air measurement. Heavy lubricating and fuel oils with viscosities up to 500 cps can be metered with the RCM flow meter. Reed switches are approved for hazardous location AEx ia IIC: Class I, Div. I Groups A,B,C & D Class II, Div. I Groups E,F & G and Ex ia IIC: Zone 0, II 1G T4 EC Type Examination provide an economical solution for equipment protection and automation.

Petrochemical Flow Meters

Beverage Industry

RCM Industries supplies flow meters to several beverage bottling plants used for blending processes, carbo - coolers, carbon dioxide injection equipment, flow -mixers, and beverage prep systems. Typically flow meters applied to carbo - coolers are 316 stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance. As you can see in the pictures to the right the RCM flow meters plays an important roll in monitoring CO2 flow in the beverage blending process.

Beverage Industry 

Carbo Cooler Flow Meterts

Chemical Plants

Other flow meter applications include chemical processing, bubbler systems and cooling. Welding gases can also be monitored using the RCM flow meter. The RCM flow meter is particularly suited for applications where compactness, low cost, minimal maintenance and resistance to accidental damage are important factors.

We specialize in custom fabrication for OEM applications in a variety of industrial processes! 

Chemical Plant Flow Meters

Chillers and Cooling Systems

With an easy to read indicator and the ability to transmit both flow rate and high low alarms, our meters are ideal solutions for cooling systems where reliability is a must.
Chiller Cooling Flow Meters



Company History


About RCM Industries, Inc.

In 1966 Roy C. Marker was a field engineer for Applied Radiation. On a tour at a NASA facility in Texas, he was briefly shown a large panel of non-functioning flow gauges of various types and sizes. His tour guide pointed out how a majority of gauges were either inaccurate, non-functioning or in the process of repair. His guide then said that a basic, sturdy, dependable flow gauge would be a major benefit to the industry.
After this trip Roy challenged himself to come up with a simple flow meter which was rugged and reliable, was easy to apply and install and would give years of service. After developing the Flo-Gage, he launched RCM Industries in 1972 to provide this flow meter to the market. After Roy's untimely death, his wife Lenore Marker managed the business until her retirement in 1987. Our staff today includes many of Roy's original staff from the 1970's. 


Our products are guaranteed to satisfy - period. Order what you want, try it for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, return it for full refund or credit. Products are further guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.
Our policy is to supply products which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and all established requirements. We are committed to continued improvement of our people, our services, our processes and our products.  RCM Industries, Inc. maintains a documented quality system as a means of ensuring that the products manufactured by RCM Industries, Inc. conforms to customer specification.
RCM Industries, Inc. manufactures direct reading differential pressure flowmeters for liquids and gases. It has a dedicated team of employees who specialize in the manufacture of flow products as well as research and development of new products, manufacturing processes and technologies to remain competitive in the world marketplace. We work with our OEM's to custom fabricate our products to fit in a variety of processess and applications. Our mission is to serve industrial and commercial customers with flow measuring products which are rugged and reliable and easy to apply, and outstanding service with delivery commitments which are as reliable as our products.


Application / Information

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