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31 Aug

These units feature a high-efficiency liquid-cooling system that has been carefully engineered for maximum efficiency over a wide range of ambient conditions and operating power levels. Integrated or external high-efficiency, low-noise pump modules are available for all single power block versions. The integrated pump option minimizes the use of valuable floor space and simplifies installation requirements. Higher power level systems use a compact and efficient external pump module.

These liquid to liquid cooling TV transmission cabinets incorporate multiple flow meters to monitor and protect equipment against loss of cooling or lubrication flow. Flow switches are hermetically seal and independently adjustable from 30% to 90% of full scale, 1 or 2 single pole double through reed switches are using to indicate a low flow conditions reducing down time and maintenance cost. 

The closed-loop liquid-cooling system utilizes a pump module with 100% redundant cooling pumps and auto-changeover capability. The liquid to air outdoor heat exchanger also includes dual fans for maximum redundancy. The pump motor speed is controlled based on coolant requirements, and the heat exchanger fan motors are also speed controlled to provide the optimum cooling performance over a wide range of ambient weather conditions. These design features translate to maximum reliability at the lowest energy consumption in a small footprint. The cooling system has been carefully engineered to allow for on-air servicing or replacement of pumps and fans, further maximizing on-air availability and minimizing revenue loss. Flow meter with switches provide economical solutions for equipment protection and automation. The engineers at Harris Broadcasting know GatesAir inspired RCM's engineers in the early 90's to develop a rugged and reliable flow meter with switching capabilities to provide remote alarms monitoring of the flow condition. 

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