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12 Nov

The RCM Flo-Gard II™ and Flo-Gage™ are now approved for intrinsically safe applications for all gases and dusts including hydrogen and acetylene. Option -1S2-IS (1-single pole double throw switch) or -2S2-IS (2-single pole double throw switches).

This makes the Flo-Gard II™ and Flo-Gage™ suitable for use with heat treating furnaces and other hazardous applications. Approvals are for AEx ia IIC, Zone 0, Class I, Groups A,B,C and D (gases), Class II, Groups E, F and G (dusts), temperature code T4, ATEX EC Type Examination. Approvals apply to US, Canadian and European markets.

Adding LED's provide viewing at a glance and easy field calibration, option -1S2-IS-LED (1-single pole double throw switch w/LED) or -2S2-IS-LED (2-single pole double throw switches w/LED's).

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